Montréal Québec Canada
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Bendik GiskeNO

Bendik Giske<sup>NO</sup>
Bendik GiskeNO

An extension of his body, Giske’s saxophone meshes with his intense physicality—in all its vulnerability, joy and artistic expression. Tapping into his own queer perspective, Bendik expands the concept of ecstatic club music through rhythmically textured compositions and visceral performances.

Growing up between Oslo, Norway and Ubud in Bali, Giske used dance and music as unifying languages—playing piano, didgeridoo and jaw harp in traditional Norwegian and gamelan styles before beginning to study the saxophone at age 12. Throughout his growth as an instrumentalist and composer, he learned the tools of electronic music production, pushing against the straight-dominated classical music realm into decidedly queer(er) territory. He's created original works for dance and theatre and contributed to albums by Norwegian performance artist Nils Bech. As a solo artist, his saxophone emulations of electronic music, free of looping or layering, centre the human experience through circular breath and movement. Giske's debut EP, Adjust, provides a crash course in his range: howls, wails and moans entwined in a steady thrum, all created on the saxophone. Remixes by Total Freedom, Lotic, Rezzett and Deathprod prove Adjust's club-readiness, amplifying its drones into an atmospheric cacophony or reimagining its natural loops into heavy breakbeats—the original Adjust video features Swiss drag queen, writer and activist Legz in slow-motion dance. With album Surrender, Giske's sound travels deeper into Berlin's late-night underground to embrace its fervent techno pulse and multifarious humanity.


Smalltown Supersound


Surrender (2019), Adjust EP (2018)


Producer Amund Ulvestad applied contact microphones on Giske’s instrument and body to spatialize his voice and saxophone as he recorded—creating a reverberating sound sculpture of Giske's body in motion