MUTEK is immensely pleased to be presenting the Canadian premiere of Gas, one of he most important and sought-after names in ambient and experimental music of the last twenty years. Gas began in the mid-90s as one of the many alter egos of Cologne electronic-music pioneer Wolfgang Voigt, and has since evolved into one of his most influential. Between 1996 and 2000, Voigt released four seminal albums under the moniker, all of which delivered a miasmic mix of 20th-century classical, the early-70s kosmiche sound of Cluster and Klaus Schulz, and the hypnotic, propulsive underbelly of the 90s minimal techno.

After 2000, Voigt put Gas on hiatus as he focused his attention on managing the growing Kompakt label, which he’d founded alongside Michael Mayer and Jurgen Paape. Fortunately for us, Voigt resumed his most beloved role last year with the reissue of all four Gas albums in one box set, Nah Und Fern (2008).