Play 1

09.08 | 18:00 EDT
Live A/V: 18:50 EDT

Play 1 - 2nd presentation

09.08 | 21:30 EDT
Live A/V: 22:20 EDT

Play 1 Virtual - Première

09.08 | 21:00_22:00 EDT
Live A/V: 21:35 EDT

Play 1 Virtual - Replay 1

09.09 | 08:00_09:00 EDT
Live A/V: 08:35 EDT

Play 1 Virtual - Replay 2

09.09 | 15:00_16:00 EDT
Live A/V: 15:35 EDT



Line Katcho is a Montréal composer and audiovisual artist who distinguishes herself by her experimental approach and affinity for perceptual playfulness. With meticulous attention to detail, she hybridizes styles and applied tech methods to craft prismatic, enveloping electroacoustic-techno compositions and visual landscapes. She has performed at MUTEK in Argentina, Barcelona, Montréal, Mexico, and Japan, as well as at Scopitone, Intonal, Sonica, Currents New Media, and Elektra.

Guillaume Cliche has collaborated with a variety of performance groups, including Spirit Duplicata, Les étrangers de l’intérieur, and L’entre-rien. He is a founding member of experimental music group Paysage Primitif, and has released music in a duo with Érick D'Orion, as well as part of Transparente with Nathalie Gélinas. He continues to experiment with new ways of presenting sonic works in the context of live concerts and his pieces have been featured at festivals in Canada and Germany. Cliche is also interested in real-time and algorithmic composition.

Under the name GGROUNDD, this duo will premiere LIMIT BRICK, a live audiovisual performance inspired by the notion of limits. The music will evolve throughout based on algorithmic processes and will feature both passages that are rhythmic and dense, and stripped down and melodic. Meanwhile, abstract visuals will juxtapose natural environments with futuristic architecture.


Line Katcho is a composer and audio-visual artist, member of Paysage Primitif, and VJs as La Hyèna. Guillaume Cliche is the co-founder of collective Paysage Primitif and duo Transparente. Together, they also form the duo GGROUNDD.


Ambient, Drone, Noise, Techno


Kohlenstoff Records


Guillaume Cliche: Reflet violet (2020 as part of Transparente), PUNT (2019 with Érick D'Orion), Espèce modèle (2014); Line Katcho: Insurrection (A/V dome SAT, 2019)


Line Katcho and Guillaume Cliche are both signed to Kohlenstoff Records, Line Katcho hold a master's degree in electroacoustic composition from the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, and Guillaume Cliche hold a baccalaureate in electroacoustic composition from the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal.


Montréal: 2020