Nocturne 3

09.13 | 21:00 EDT
DJ set: 23:30 EDT

Nocturne 3 Virtual - Première

09.13 | 21:00_00:35 EDT
DJ set: 23:35 EDT

Nocturne 3 Virtual - Replay 1

09.14 | 08:00_11:15 EDT
DJ set: 10:15 EDT

Nocturne 3 Virtual - Replay 2

09.14 | 15:00_18:15 EDT
DJ set: 17:15 EDT


Approaching two decades of producing collaborative, diasporic dance music that thrives on cross-cultural synthesis, prolific producer and DJ Ghislain Poirier is at his peak when building bridges between disparate sounds.

Touring from disparate global locations (from Uganda to China and Haiti to Cuba) has cemented the Montreal native's status as a supremely gifted selector, and his long standing monthly party Qualité de Luxe has cemented a reputation for showcasing groundbreaking African and Caribbean sounds. As well, Poirier's productions prioritize a combination of electronic warmth, as demonstrated across his ten albums and multiple EPs for labels such as Wonderwheel Recordings and Ninja Tune. Musically, 2016’s Migration coalesced reggae, electronic music, dancehall and dub into an evocative, brilliant collaborative offering, followed by 2017's Be Alright EP inspired by Afro house music and featuring a collaboration with the Mozambican-Canadian singer Samito.

2020's Soft Power album highlights Poirier's ability to step back and let featuring vocalists truly shine - from Mélissa Laveaux's searing vocals on 'Do Kase' to West Africa influenced 'Nidiaye Sam' featuring Daby Touré.

Reprising a series of superbly received MUTEK sets over the past 18 years, Poirier returns to MUTEK 2020 to provide a set catering to those looking to trade the gloom and lethargy of pandemic times for warm, kinetic moments of dancefloor connection. Combining the warm and mellow productions of his most recent LP with a knack for upping the ante whenever the moment calls for it, Poirier promises a globally connected diasporic dance experience; all cultures under one roof raving.


Montréal's Ghislain Poirier, prolific Canadian producer/musician/DJ with an emphasis on globally eclectic collaborations and building bridges between languages, cultures and communities.


Club, Dancehall, Hip Hop


Ninja Tune, Wonderwheel Recordings, Nice Up Records


Soft Power (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2020), Be Alright EP (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2017), Migration ‎(Nice Up Records, 2016)


While creating most recent album Soft Power, Poirier notes how important it is to avoid the trap of falling into the 'transactions and monetization of capitalism', resisting making things quickly, and instead, prioritizing reflection, connection and dialogue as the building blocks of musical collaboration.


Montréal: 2020, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011, 2009, 2002