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Nocturne 3

Nocturne 3
Nocturne 3

Sunday, August 29, 2021
22:00_01:45 Montréal time



(taxes and fees included)

JOYFULTALK CA A Separation of Being

A Separation of Being — not division or rupture, but buoyant freedom through conduction of circulatory energies — is a three-part live suite interlocking arcs of polyrhythmic groove and contemporary minimalism, gathering warmth from the strings and peculiarities of JOYFULTALK’s bespoke instrumentation and analog clockworks. The performance will be visually enriched by The Planetary Music System, Jay Crocker’s own methodology for visual composition — a 5’x10’ mural featuring geometric multi-directional cycles of brightly-coloured, finely-detailed sound notation.

Guillaume Coutu-Dumont CA/QCLes Empires

In a way, Coutu-Dumont has become an essential part of the MUTEK experience. After more than a dozen performances, he returns once again with Les Empires, a performance firmly rooted in mythology, memories of childhood cartoons and film soundtracks. Inspired by Krautrock veterans Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze, he composes retro-futuristic pieces full of warmth and imperfections, typical of the ambient synthetic sounds of another era. Soft percussion and repetitive melodies create a hypnotic and nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of an era that may never have existed.

All is Well CA/QCA Break in Time
World Premiere

For his first live show, All is Well (aka Fred Everything) will perform his new album - A Break In Time, an ambient album written during the lockdown as a sort of calming therapy/meditation exercise. The project quickly took form with a unique sonic identity and message inspired by this feeling isolation that we all felt during this last year. This album is about fragility/naivety. Contemplation of our vulnerability but also of our resilience and the feeling of alone/together.

World Premiere

In the age of Instagram, polished profiles and overly-sanitized cleanliness, INVERSION instead attempts to show the levels of spontaneity, uncertainty and questioning underlying musical creation. Daniel Iregui’s enormous black mirror, placed behind Pheek and fitted with a device allowing it to vibrate to sound, allows spectators to experience the artists’ various states of mind during an unpredictable yet intuitive journey, where everything will become crystal-clear to those with the patience to wait.

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