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Cyrus Makarechian & Zack MeyersUS

The Box
Cyrus Makarechian & Zack Meyers<sup>US</sup>
Cyrus Makarechian & Zack MeyersUS
The Box

Cyrus Makarechian

Cyrus Makarechian leads multiple companies including Moddtech, a premier software design company in Mexico. He is acting CEO and President of Lend Me It, a p2p rental app on iOS and Android based in the USA and currently expanding into Mexico. Cyrus is an investor and advisor in Clarvoyant, a NASA spin off focused on AR/VR Technologies. He is a Director and shareholder at Globexplore and its subsidiaries, along with various entities in mineral exploration and construction.

Cyrus is a partner in multiple Hotels and Real Estate Development Assets with 20+ years of experience in company infrastructure, information technology and finance. Prior to his current roles, Cyrus was a Partner and Executive VP / CTO of Makar Properties, one of the largest development companies in the US that managed over 2 billion in assets.

Outside of his professional career, Cyrus is a musician and producer under the name “cyrusrex”who has remixed and toured the world with many bands including most recently Depeche Mode through Eastern Europe in 2018. Cyrus’ experiences and personal interests in music has led him to become an owner of DarkPlace Manufacturing (SMT Electronics Manufacturing) with a focus on development, manufacturing and design of synthesizers, and Onyx Record Press focusing on Vinyl Record Manufacturing in Los Angeles. His passion to improve the human experience through applied science has lead him to his role in various organizations and investments.

Zack Meyers

Top 40 record producer 2005-2011
Composer for various cable and network Tv (ESPN CBS ABC NBC) 2006-2013
Co founder of Zapt 2009-2011
CFO of Crushee inc 2012-2014
Co founder of Seekur and Rabbithole as seen in Vice 2014-2016
Product development at Tunespeak 2016-2017
Music groups: Black Line (producer and band member 2016-2018
Fear of Ghosts (producer and band member) 2014-2016
High castle (producer and band member) 2013
Co author of upcoming book Conversations with AI 2022
Composer for Season 3 of Interview with ED 2021-2022