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5 novembre 2013
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Manuel Chantre presents Double

Manuel Chantre presents Double

Double is an interactive sound and holographic video/light sculpture. The piece deals with the duplication of digital files in the social media era. Without copying and sharing the data, the information is forgotten and ceases to exist. In the midst of luminous and transparent layers dividing the space, the constant motion of 3D forms is synchronized with sound. By clicking with a mouse, the public slow down the forme for contemplate it a few moment. The common gesture of duplicating data is used in a context of appreciation. Residency at the Labo (Toronto).

Presented during the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto 2012

Software: MaxMSP + Blender


  • The project “ Double” profited from a residence of research and creation at the Labo. - With the support of Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Bureau du Québec à Toronto, The Ontario Trillium Foundation.
  • Music, 3D, programming and design : Manuel Chantre
  • Acknowledgement : Danny Perreault, Sarah-Éve Tousignant. | |

Manuel Chantre presents Double
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