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5 octobre 2018
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MUTEKLIVE167 - Anthony Linell

167 Anthony Linell 900x670

Anthony Linell
Friday August 24, 2018 MTELUS (Main Room)
Mastered by Anthony Linell

Who: Stockholm-based producer Anthony Linell, also known as Lundin Oil and one half of Ulwhednar with Jonas Rönnberg (aka Varg)
Style: Percussive deep techno on the fringes, shadowy experimental electronics, twisted acid and textured noise and drone
Labels: Northern Electronics, Semantica Records, Abdulla Rashim Records, Prologue
Latest: Alienation from Self (2018), A Sens Of Order (2018), Layers Of Reality (2017), Emerald Fluorescent (2017), Consolidate (2017)
More: Initially disinterested in using his real name—he invented Abdulla Rashim, a moniker informed by his profound interests in the Arab world, in particular Levantine culture and politics—and his Arabic studies at university.

Abdulla Rashim's contemplative techno surges through every last manipulated hardware layer to unveil a fervid and unpredictably beating heart, a core that at once reflects Sweden's pastoral melancholic beauty and the incessant, vibrating rhythms of urban ritual.

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