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15 octobre 2019
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MUTEKLIVE201 - Gene Tellem

201 Gene Tellem 900x670

Gene Tellem (CA/QC)
Nocturne 5 - August 24, 2019. World premiere
Mastered by Pheek (

Appears as part of Amplify
Amplify is led by the British Council, MUTEK and Somerset House Studios, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts.

Who: Montréal-based producer and DJ Gene Tellem (Jeanne Gariépy), also one half of Loose Excursions

Style: Introspective deep house infused with sustained synth chords and melody, glitching punctuations and funk-styled percussion

Labels: Wolf Music Records, Sounds of Beaubien Ouest

Latest: WOLFEP048 (2018), Who Says No (2017)

More: Along with producers Kris Gilty, Jenifa Mayanja and other locals, she co-founded the All Good event series; was also featured on Boiler Room Montréal's Music Is My Sanctuary 10th Anniversary

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