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Roméo PoirierBE

Roméo Poirier<sup>BE</sup>
Roméo PoirierBE

Hailing from Strasbourg and living in Brussels for almost a decade, Roméo Poirier is working in the field of electronic music, focusing on heavy processing of samples and digital collage. After releasing albums on the London based record label Kit Records (Plage Arrière) and the mancunian record label Sferic (Hotel Nota), in 2022 he returned with Living Room, his debut on Jan Jelinek’s own imprint Faitiche, transforming the layering of different times into a free-flowing pulse that sounds both nostalgic and mysteriously ahistorical.

Roméo Poirier works in an hybrid analog and digital music production environment, choosing the depth of the impact of the signals on different musical tools, thus creating a personal musical interpretation of the transformations of matter as they happen. The music of performance aims at reflecting the contrasts and the textures of the different samples, oscillating between atmospheric landscapes, heavily processed vocal samples, warm orchestral fragments, thunderstorms and passing shadows of dissonance.

This year at MUTEK Barcelona he will present Tales of Entropy, an audiovisual performance based on generative music production, polarized light microscopy and computer vision. This 30 min show merges analog and digital creation tools, proposing a sensitive exploration of the structures of organic matter, under the prism of bold musical expressionism.

Tales of Entropy with Roméo Poirier is a Ohme production, supported by Innoviris and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Ohme is a Brussels-based ArtScience production, research and education organisation, whose objective is to develop new forms of artistic creation, scientific mediation, transversal pedagogy and exploratory research through collaborative and transdisciplinary practices.