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Salar Ansari Trious + ir + sn

Salar Ansari Trio<sup>us + ir + sn</sup>
Salar Ansari Trious + ir + sn

Founded in Detroit in 2017 by electronic music pioneer Salar Ansari, the Salar Ansari Trio is a groundbreaking project that transcends traditional dance music boundaries. This innovative trio, comprising Salar Ansari, Luis Resto, and Pathe Jassi, combines diverse musical influences to create a captivating blend of tradition and forward-thinking sounds.

Salar Ansari, known for seamlessly blending Iranian influences into modern electronic productions, leads the trio with his innovative sonic approach. Luis Resto, a respected keyboardist with Latin roots, infuses the group's sound with inventive organ improvisations reflecting his cultural heritage. Pathe Jassi, a groove master on electric bass, contributes infectious Senegalese polyrhythms to the trio's dynamic groove.
The trio's live performances are a testament to their unique backgrounds and musical influences. Salar Ansari's intricate electronic soundscapes set the stage for Luis Resto's Latin-flavored organ improvisations, while Pathe Jassi's pulsating bass lines add depth and energy to the mix. The result is a powerful exploration of sound that defies genres and immerses audiences in a truly unforgettable experience.
Beyond their live shows, the Salar Ansari Trio's influence extends to the broader music scene. Salar Ansari's involvement in co-founding the Feeder-Loft Studio with Luis Resto showcases their commitment to nurturing the next generation of electronic music talent. Each member's collaborations with various artists enrich the trio's sound, creating a diverse and vibrant musical tapestry that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.