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Salar Ansari Trio feat. Luis Resto and Pathe JassiIR/US+US+SN/US

Salar Ansari Trio feat. Luis Resto and Pathe Jassi<sup>IR/US+US+SN/US</sup>
Salar Ansari Trio feat. Luis Resto and Pathe JassiIR/US+US+SN/US

Founded in Detroit in 2017 by Iranian electronic dance music visionary Salar Ansari, his trio transcends the typical dance music experience, pushing the boundaries of the genre and scene with a captivating blend of tradition and forward-thinking sounds.

More than just the sum of its parts, each member of the band, a respected figure in their own right, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Salar Ansari, known for his innovative productions that seamlessly weave Iranian influences into modern sounds, leads the trio with beats and soundscapes. Luis Resto, a renowned musician with Latin roots and a longtime contributor to the Detroit musical landscape, injects his musical wealth into the performance through improvisations on organ and synthesizer. Lastly, rounding out the trio is Pathe Jassi, a groove master on bass known for his weighty contributions to Senegalese music, particularly in the mbalax genre, who adds the infectious polyrhythms of his Senegalese background as well as vocals.

Beyond their enticing live shows, the trio’s impact extends to the broader music scene. Salar Ansari and Luis Resto, through the co-founding of the Feeder-Loft Studio, with Pathe Jassi as one of their main resident artists and session musicians, foster local musical talent in the city of Detroit. Each member continues to collaborate with a wide range of artists, further enriching the tapestry of Salar Ansari Trio’s sound.

Salar Ansari, known for seamlessly blending Iranian influences into modern electronic productions, leads the trio with his innovative sonic approach. Luis Resto, a respected keyboardist with Latin roots, infuses the group's sound with inventive organ improvisations reflecting his cultural heritage. Pathe Jassi, a groove master on electric bass, contributes infectious Senegalese polyrhythms to the trio's dynamic groove.
The trio's live performances are a testament to their unique backgrounds and musical influences. Salar Ansari's intricate electronic soundscapes set the stage for Luis Resto's Latin-flavored organ improvisations, while Pathe Jassi's pulsating bass lines add depth and energy to the mix. The result is a powerful exploration of sound that defies genres and immerses audiences in a truly unforgettable experience.
Beyond their live shows, the Salar Ansari Trio's influence extends to the broader music scene. Salar Ansari's involvement in co-founding the Feeder-Loft Studio with Luis Resto showcases their commitment to nurturing the next generation of electronic music talent. Each member's collaborations with various artists enrich the trio's sound, creating a diverse and vibrant musical tapestry that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.