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Box Office

Where can I buy tickets for the Festival?

Tickets are available on our website and through our partner platform Weezevent. Depending on availability, passes and tickets will also be on sale during the Festival at various partner venues and at the Central Box Office.

Box Office

What types of tickets are available?

We offer passports for full access to the Festival, weekend passes, Friday and Saturday daily passes and individual tickets for each festival program..
Promotional offers for students and groups (above 4) may apply.

How can I retrieve my tickets?

For passports and passes: You will receive an order confirmation via email, which will contain your electronic ticket to be exchanged at the Esplanade Tranquille.
For individual tickets: Your electronic ticket will need to be presented at the entrance of each event.

How can I make purchases at the central Box Office?

Ticket purchases on the Festival website are only available via card payment. No cash will be accepted.

Are there free events?

Yes, the Expérience stage! More information about schedule and artists are about to come.

Can I exchange or refund my tickets?

You can exchange your tickets on our partner platform Ticketswap.
Tickets are non-refundable, except in the event of a cancellation.


Where can I find the full programming of MUTEK Montréal?

Visit our Artists page.

How can I know the schedules and locations of performances?

Visit our Schedule page.

What are the different series and types of presentations?

MUTEK editions consists of 5 series:
  • A/Visions series
  • Métropolis series
  • Nocturne series
  • Expérience series
There are also several special and associated events:
  • Piknic Électronik
  • Special event at new City Gas
All the details of the programs for the 25th edition can be found on the Schedule page.
Events are accessible to everyone, except for the Nocturne series and the special event at New City Gas which are forbidden for people under 18 years old.

Are workshops, conferences, or exhibitions planned during the Festival?

The MUTEK Forum professional program hosts conferences, panels, presentations, and workshops from August 22 to 25. More information can be found on our dedicated website: MUTEK Forum

What happens if an artist cancels their performance at the Festival?

All scheduled performances at the Festival are subject to change or cancellation without notice. No refunds will be given in such cases.

Access and logistics

Where do the events of MUTEK Montréal take place?

Visit our Venues page.

What transportation options are available to reach the different festival locations? Are there accommodation recommendations near them?

Are festival venues accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes! Visit our Venues page. For more information, go to the Accessibility page.

What are the guidelines regarding photography and recording during the Festival?

Cameras and camcorders are not allowed in Festival venues. For accreditation requests, please contact Limit phone use and respect the work of sound and visual artists.
No photography of participants without their permission will be tolerated!


What are the rules of proper conduct during the Festival? What are MUTEK Montréal's anti-harassment policies?

Zero Tolerance for Harassment: MUTEK Montréal does not tolerate any form of harassment, whether verbal, physical, or online. This includes offensive comments, unwanted gestures, and any form of intimidation.

Inclusion and Diversity: We celebrate diversity and inclusion. All participants, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, or ability, are welcome and deserve to be treated with respect.

Reporting and Intervention: If you witness or experience harassment, please immediately inform a staff member or the GRIP. We will take appropriate measures to investigate the situation and take action accordingly.

Protection of Anonymity: If you choose to report an incident, we will respect your wish for anonymity to the extent possible. Your safety and comfort are paramount.

I witnessed harassment or abuse during the Festival. Who Can I Talk To?

Look out for GRIP’s kiosks all over our site!
They’re there to chat, inform, or simply keep you company in a relaxing zone.

GRIP (Research and Psychosocial Intervention Group) provides information on the realities of substance use and combinations, with the aim of reducing the risks associated with consumption.

They will be identifiable by their purple T-shirts, are sober and trained in reducing the risks associated with drug use. See the link below for details by location.

Their on-site intervention service SPOTLIGHT is available in case of violence or harassment: 514-269-8915 (call/text).Other resources :
Sexual & gender diversity help: 1-888-505-1010
Info aide en cas de violence sexuelle, 24h/24 : 1-888-933-9007

What items are prohibited on Festival premises?

  • Any weapons, knives, aerosols, pepper spray, or other similar items.
  • Banners/flags/signs that obstruct the view of spectators.
  • Beverages, food, and alcohol (except products available at Festival bars/glass bottles and cans). Exception: Expérience stage.
  • Video cameras or audio recording devices, or any other accessories facilitating image and sound capture without prior production approval.
  • Noisy objects or devices (bell/horn, etc.).
  • Laser pointers.
  • All illegal products or substances.

Additional and occasional security measures

Additional measures, such as systematic bag checks, body searches, or the use of metal detectors, may be implemented as requested by the producer or artist, or based on circumstances, as our security measures are continuously adjusted.

Technology, Connectivity & Community

Is there a festival app I can download?

YES! Download it HERE. Find all the 25th edition information on the FESTapp.

Download the App

Do Festival venues have Wi-Fi access?

The Montreal public network is available in the Quartier des spectacles spaces. Some venues also offer public Wi-Fi access.

Who are the partners of MUTEK Montréal?

Find our sponsorship list on the Partners page

How can I contact the MUTEK Montréal team for questions or concerns?

For any inquiries, please contact

How can I stay informed about updates and announcements during the Festival?

Preserving a Clean and Safe Environment

While having an incredible time at MUTEK is a top priority, let's also respect the environment, fellow festivalgoers, and staff. By following these simple guidelines, we can all contribute to a fantastic and enjoyable experience for everyone:

Waste Management

Help us keep Festival venues clean by recycling, composting, or properly disposing of waste. Let's keep our environment waste-free! Our team will be there to assist.

Check our Environmental Responsibility

Respectful Interactions

Kindness makes all the difference. Be courteous to our dedicated staff, volunteers, and fellow participants.

Protect the Venue

MUTEK's site is a shared space. As you enter and exit, leave it in the same condition you found it. Signs, banners, and artworks are part of the experience, so please refrain from removing or damaging them.

Appreciate Art

Our Festival site showcases unique artworks. While they may be intriguing, resist the urge to touch or move them. Let's appreciate and respect the creative expressions around us.