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The purpose of this page is to communicate the general measures MUTEK is taking to make our event space more welcoming to all, as well as our consultants in this process. For the available details regarding access to each festival venue, visit the venues page.

Accessibility & Safer Spaces

MUTEK consults and involves different experts as part of an ongoing process to enhance accessibility and reduce barriers to our events. Our consultants in accessibility, harm reduction and inclusion help us foster safer spaces each year on our festival sites and elevate our own levels of awareness.

All of our staff receives training on LGBTQ2AIS+ inclusion, the creation of safer spaces, and how to be an active witness by Collectif Social.

We are involved in an ongoing consultation and action plan to create physical and online spaces that meet different needs in accessibility, with the guidance of our partner CRIP RAVE. CRIP RAVE is dedicated to the education and creation of accessible rave spaces where all identities may attend, participate and perform.

Present in all of our events, GRIP (Research and psychosocial intervention group) informs on the realities of substance uses and combinations, reducing the risks of consumption-related harm. Their services consist of educating and making available neutral, evidence-based information about psychoactive substances (PAS), their effects, their risks, and ways to reduce or limit these.

PLURI Initiative was our first consultant in inclusion and harm reduction, and played an essential role in building the foundations of our venue’s safer spaces, reaffirming our zero-tolerance policy for harassment with action.

These measures are part of an ongoing process and we welcome anyone’s input and participation. Comments can be directed to

Accessibility, harm reduction and awareness at our physical events

  • There will be kiosks at every venue containing educational information and harm reduction materials about safer consumption. GRIP staff will be present to support people’s experiences. The exact location of each kiosk will be specified on our venues page in May 2023.
  • MUTEK staff will be available to provide audiences with needed support. Staff members at the entrance ticketing area or GRIP zone will be available to connect you with the appropriate MUTEK staff.
  • Information regarding accessibility standards including mobility (e.g. ramps), architecture (e.g. seated areas), and facilities (e.g. gender neutral toilets) will be updated and detailed on our venues page in May 2023.
  • All events will include a clearly identifiable chill zone and safer space away from the stage with appropriate lighting, sound levels and space to sit down. Volunteers trained in harm reduction will be present.
  • Visual and audio effects may affect some individuals in a negative way. Photosensitivity varies from person to person; please note that while we do our best to identify potentially triggering performances ahead of time, many of our shows are audiovisual and could contain certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns, which may be triggering.
  • Potential triggers for each event (e.g. sound volume, lighting and lighting effects, scenic or musical content, air quality, temperature) will be indicated on-site, and will be detailed on our venues page, and on each individual event page in May 2023.
  • There will be free earplugs at the entrance of all shows or at the GRIP kiosk. The exact location will be specified on our venues page in May 2023.
  • Free water and non-alcoholic beverages will be available at every bar.

Socio-economic inclusion at our events

  • Access to all the events of our outdoor stage at esplanade Tranquille are free (click here for the Google Maps link). Additional free events will be mentioned on this page and on our social media.
  • Some free performances, virtual exhibitions and educational content from the Festival and Forum are available on our virtual MUTEK platform.
  • A 15% discount for students and groups is available and can be purchased for the festival (box office) and forum (box office).
  • There are a limited number of solidarity tickets available for attendees facing financial barriers to accessing MUTEK events. Contact:
  • Disability-identified attendees can receive a free ticket for a support person accompanying them to MUTEK events.