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The MUTEK Festival Guide

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International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music

Tio'tia:ke - Mooniyang - Montréal

August 22-27, 2023

The Quartier des spectacles will welcome more than a hundred sonic and visual artists in indoor and outdoor venues. Once again this year, the free outdoor stage will be a gathering place for Montrealers and tourists of all ages to enjoy a diversity of original and festive artistic offerings. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it!

Guide Presentation

In this Essential Guide, find out everything you need to know about this year’s Festival, where more information is located on our website, how to access the shows you’re interested in, and how to navigate our program.

Festival Program Presentation

Six days and nights to celebrate digital creativity in all its forms. From ambient to drone or industrial music, through experimental, house and techno, the 24th edition of MUTEK Montreal is the meeting place for live electronic music lovers. For more information on the 24th edition, check out:

Welcome to the festival


More than a hundred sonic and visual artists will be performing using electronic instruments, innovating with modular synthesizers, old magnetic tape recorders, or artificial intelligence. Browse the artist directory by name, performance type, style, or local provenance on this page:


From August 22 to 27, 2023, from 14h30 onwards. Navigate the weekly schedule by day or program:


In Montréal, in several venues in the Quartier des Spectacles:
esplanade Tranquille | Society of Arts and Technology [SAT] | MTELUS | Théâtre Maisonneuve in the Place des Arts | New City Gas

For any general information or accessibility-related information, please visit:


Program series of the 24th edition

Opening Event

Tuesday August 22 | New City Gas

The grand opening of MUTEK 2023. For the first time ever, the festival takes over this mythical industrial local venue. Expect the unexpected: light and movement play, mysterious atmosphere, emotional peaks, a japanese shō instrument, intoxicating and intense music. A launch to mark the minds.

*this event lasts two hours - arrive early!

Tuesday: Opening event - Grand River (IT+NL) | Tim Hecker & Vincent de Belleval (CA+CA/SE)

Métropolis - Rhythmic Pleasures - 2 Programs

Friday August 25 11PM-5AM and Saturday August 26 11PM-6AM | MTELUS

Surprising shows in a festive environment. These events welcome those who dance, who are hungry for rhythm, who are curious about the inventions and reinventions of electronic music. MTELUS and its immersive scenography embrace two shows with extended hours, taking discovery to dawn. Friday focuses on techno and Saturday on house.

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Friday: Metropolis 1-SKY H1 & Mika Oki (BE) | .VRIL (DE) | E-Saggila (CA) | SYNC (AtomTM & Peter Van Hoesen) (DE+BE/DE)

Saturday: Metropolis 2 - Rich Aucoin (CA) | Aux 88 (US) | Eris Drew & Jeisson Drenth (US+NL) | Cinthie (DE) | Jennifer Cardini (FR/DE)

Nocturne - Entrancing Melodies - 5 Programs

Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday August 27 | Société des arts technologiques [SAT] 11PM-3AM

Surprising shows in a festive environment. These events welcome those who dance, who are hungry for rhythm, who are curious about the inventions and reinventions of electronic music. SAT welcomes two particularly augmented evenings, with performances in both the dome and the main room.

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Wednesday: Nocturne 1 - Abdul Lateef & The Distraction Machine (CA/QC) | Brett Bolton (US) | Open Reel Ensemble (JP) | Carmen Jaci & Matthew Schoen (CA/NL)

Thrusday: Nocturne 2 - Twin Rising (CA/QC) | Efe Ce Ele (CO/ES) Nadia Struiwigh (NL) | Paraadiso (IT/UK) | Amselysen & Racine (CA/QC) | x/o (CA) | Kyoka (JP/DE) | Animistic Beliefs & Jeisson Drenth (NL) | Eƨƨe Ran (CA/QC)

Friday: Nocturne 3 - Outro (AR) | upsammy & Jonathan Castro (NL+PE/NL) | Nick León (US) | Halina Rice (UK) | Quan & D.B.Y (VN/QC+FR/QC)

Saturday: Nocturne 4 - SUFYVN (SD/CA) | Deadbeat présente Ark Welders Guild (CA/DE) | Honeydrip (CA/QC) | µ-Ziq & ID:Mora (UK+CZ) | dBridge (UK)

Sunday: Nocturne 5 - Salamanda (KR) | Joël Lavoie & Guillaume Vallée (CA/QC) | Page Vide (CA/QC) Manami Sakamoto & Intercity-Express (JP) | Sapphire Slows (JP) | Deena Abdelwahed (TN/FR) | Pascale Project (CA/QC) | Hieroglyphic Being (US) | Priori x Shoeg (CA/QC) | The Cyclist (IE)

A/Visions - Immersive Theater - 2 Programs

Friday 25 and Saturday August 26 | Théâtre Maisonneuve of the Place des Arts 7PM-10PM

In a seated theater space come to life the most visually taking performances. Large-scale works which fuse image, sound and technology. Inspirations for this year include artificial intelligence, neuroscience, modular synthesizers, lyrical song and analog visuals. The A/Vision series is a MUTEK classic, and before all else, it’s a feast for the eyes

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Friday: A/Vision 1 - Kyoka & Shohei Fujimoto (JP/DE+JP) | Alexis Langevin-Tétrault & Guillaume Côté (CA/QC) | Alessandro Cortini & Marco Ciceri (IT)

Saturday: A/Vision 2 - Hatis Noit & Yuma Kishi (JP) | DATUM CUT (CA/QC) | SPIME.IM (IT)

Play - Experimental Listening - 3 Programs

Thursday 24, Friday 25 and Saturday August 26 | The 7 Fingers Studio 2:30PM-5PM

New concept, optimized pleasure. Play is an afternoon listening program in an intimate and welcoming setting. The shows presented are original, delicate and have been specially selected for this environment.

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Thursday: Play 1 - Erin Gee (CA/QC) | Iza Smelczyńska (PL)

Friday: Play 2 - URA (CA/QC) | Nadia Struiwigh (NL)

Saturday: Play 3 - Michael Gary Dean & Freddy Speer (CA/QC) | Ale Hop (PE/DE)

Expérience - Collective Emotions - 6 Free Programs

Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday August 27 | Esplanade Tranquille 5PM-11PM

The festival’s open-air gathering point. Accessible, free and full of joy, the outdoor stage welcomes Montrealers and tourists under the banner of festivity, eclecticism and the meeting of musical styles. An excellent entry point into the MUTEK universe.

Tuesday: Expérience 1 - Leon Louder (CA/QC) | Moon Apple (CA/QC) | Indus (CO) | TSVI (IT/UK)

Wednesday: Expérience 2 - Airhaert (CA/QC) | Dawn to Dawn (CA/QC) | SPRLUA (CA/QC) | The Mole (CA) | NegoO (PT/FR)

Thursday: Expérience 3 - Skesa (CA/QC) | Husa & Zeyada (CA+EG) | Lowfish (CA) | upsammy b2b Mika Oki (NL+BE)

Friday: Expérience 4 - Anatohl (FR/QC) | StMichel (CA/QC) | Hellgrammite (CA/QC) | AAAA (MX) | Eris Drew (US)

Saturday: Expérience 5 - Sheenah Ko (CA/QC) | Obuxum (CA) | ROSINA (CA) | Sara Berts (IT) | Nick León (US)

Sunday Expérience 6 - Randy's Calling (CA/QC) | Atamone (CA/QC) | S. Chioini (CA/QC) | Emissive (CA) | Cinthie (DE)

The Performance Essentials

WHEN: From Tuesday August 22 to Sunday August 27 2023, in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

INDOORS: New City Gas, Théâtre Maisonneuve, MTELUS, Society for Arts and Technology [SAT], 7 Fingers Studio.

FREE OUTDOOR STAGE : Esplanade Tranquille.

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Editorial Contents

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MUTEK Forum : Panels, Workshops & Discussions

MUTEK Forum is the professional component of the festival, the ultimate meeting place for artists and companies in the digital creation industry. This annual conference on digital art, extended reality (XR), artificial intelligence (AI) and the electronic music industry will take place from August 22 to 25 at the 7 Fingers Stuio in Montréal. For more information on the topics covered and ticketing offers, visit our dedicated website:


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Weekend Light Pass: to access the Métropolis and Nocturne programs on Friday, August 25th, and Saturday, August 26th, 2023, excluding the Animate, A/Visions, and Play programs.
Individual Tickets: to access one or more events of your choice.
Forum Passport: to take advantage of our professional event MUTEK Forum and to benefit from workshops, conferences, cocktails and other events from Tuesday August 22 to Friday August 25.
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Students and groups receive a 15% discount on all programming.

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Our action plan and collaborations with various experts allow us to continuously work on improving accessibility and reducing barriers to participation in our events. Our current objectives focus on risk reduction, prevention of harassment of any kind, and physical access to our spaces.

Clearly designated relaxation areas, safe spaces, and a seated area away from the stage are provided at all our events with appropriate lighting and sound levels. Trained volunteers in risk reduction will be present.

Visual and audio effects may affect some individuals in a negative way. Photosensitivity varies from person to person; please note that while we do our best to identify potentially triggering performances ahead of time, many of our shows are audiovisual and could contain certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns, which may be triggering.

For a comprehensive overview of our measures, please visit the Accessibility page.
For specific information on how to access and navigate our venues, as well as what is provided and not provided, please visit the Venues page.

Our environmental impact

The festival’s production and the audience’s participation involves greenhouse gas emissions. 1% of the price of each passport, pass, and ticket will be donated to EarthPercent, a charity founded by Brian Eno to help combat the impact the music industry has on the planet — all donations will be matched by EarthPercent.

Proud partner of the Planetair association for 12 years, MUTEK is continuing its involvement in offsetting emissions and promoting a responsible festival for its audience and our environment.

To learn more about our year-round eco-responsible action plan, please visit our Sustainability page.
For practical tips and information on how to support this initiative during the festival, browse through the Eco Guide

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