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Join the excitement of the 25th anniversary
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Whether you aspire to reshape your brand narrative, amplify awareness, or seamlessly unveil your latest developments to an engaged audience, MUTEK serves as the conduit to manifest your objectives. In the realm of immersive art, our partners embark on an exploration of new horizons, encountering an audience characterized by openness, curiosity, passion, and interactivity. Attendees yearn to experience, experiment, and truly connect.

MUTEK is not just a festival; it's an influential platform that propels your brand's message into uncharted territories. It provides a unique avenue to communicate with fresh audiences, fortifying your identity as a champion of innovation and creativity. The trust and loyalty of our audience, coupled with our commitment to groundbreaking concert experiences, create an ideal environment for impactful brand activations. As a partner, you become an integral part of the event, engaging in authentic dialogues with artists and festival-goers, fostering a constructive and non-invasive osmosis that leaves a lasting imprint. Join us in shaping a narrative that resonates, captivates, and defines the future of creative collaborations.

Why partner with MUTEK?

Forge Meaningful Connections
Gain visibility within MUTEK’s extensive network of companies, artists and audiences in the field of culture, technology and research.

Support Emerging Talent
MUTEK provides access to boundary-pushing artists, creatives and technologists in Montreal and beyond.

Create Impact Within Art & Technology
MUTEK attracts 70,000 people every year from all over the globe – join the conversation in light of the festival’s 25th anniversary!

We are flexible and seek to empower our proposals to meet your objectives.

Join a real happening in digital creativity to:

  • Benefit from content association with a leading clientele

  • Contribute to the development of cultural diversity

  • Create a tangible experience

  • Support MUTEK’s sustainability achievements and goals

Companies that have trusted MUTEK in Montreal and around the world:

Ableton, Absolut, Adidas, Air Canada, BeatConnect, Estrella Damm, Hennessy Very Special, KDDI, LANDR, Mazda, Movistar, Nissan, Panasonic, Red Bull, Reebok, Roland, Samsung, SEAT, Sony, Soundworks, TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine/Epic Games, Vans, among others.

Contact and additional information:

Write to us

Sarah Mackenzie
Partnerships and Forum Creative Director

Lola Baraldi
Digital Strategy & Partnerships Manager

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