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Amplify creativity together : MUTEK's philantropic initiative

Internationally renowned for its original programming, MUTEK is constantly on the lookout for innovative artistic approaches. Celebrating 25 years of existence as a non-profit organization this year, MUTEK has positioned itself as a year-round ecosystem dedicated to the development, production and promotion of emerging forms of digital and sound creativity.


Throughout our 25 years of work, our local and international network and resources in creation, production, promotion and distribution have continued to grow. Today, MUTEK is uniquely positioned to serve as a springboard for a diverse community of emerging artists.

Despite the agility, inventiveness and resilience of the humans who have carried the MUTEK project to date, we are faced with a growing financial burden, lacking sufficient funds for our operations. That's why we're appealing to the generosity of our loyal supporters and new partners to continue and expand our mission.

We're at a turning point in our history. We aspire to go beyond the presentation of projects that have already been finalized, and to formalize our support for artists in the development of their projects and careers. This approach includes expanded training, networking and professional networking initiatives, and strong support for the export of Québec and Canadian artists abroad, in order to preserve and promote the richness of our local arts scene.

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Support MUTEK's mission by giving directly, according to several contribution levels adapted to your resources. By making a donation, you support digital creativity and strengthen your link with the MUTEK family, while enjoying privileged access to Festival events.

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This initiative aims to support MUTEK's mission and action now and in the future, enabling it to continue to use its expertise to promote artists, year-round, sustainably.

MUTEK is a global platform that promotes inclusion, accessibility and equity in its programming

  • In our first 25 years, we are proud to have supported nearly 1,500 artists in Montreal, including 786 Quebecers and Canadians, as well as 697 international artists.

MUTEK is a recognized springboard for artists through professional meetings and training courses spanning several months

  • We have facilitated over 1,700 connections and offered 17 training courses to stimulate professional growth and development via our MUTEK Market initiative.

As we look to the future, we remain determined to continue our commitment to innovation, inclusion and artistic excellence. We invite those who share our passion for the digital arts to join us in this exciting adventure and help shape the future of MUTEK.

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MUTEK warmly thanks its donors

  • Grégoire Chevron--Valentin
  • Lola Baraldi
  • Alexandra Kukuc
  • Claude Carrier
  • Lauriane Albert