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1 janvier 2020
Plus de nouvelles

MUTEK Forum Édition 5

MUTEK IMG 2019 Video

Integrating the fifth edition of MUTEK Forum, formerly known as Forum IMG, into the festival week for the first time—rather than as an off-season event, proved to be an enriching and expansive decision, concentrating wide-ranging content, and audiences inside the whole MUTEK framework.

Douglas Rushkoff’s standout opening keynote set the table with his candid and humanistic prescriptions for living in these digital times; social and ethical revelations behind artificial intelligence came from Rumman Chowdhury and Jason Lewis & Suzanne Kite and HOLO’s critical panels and workshops gave voice to urgent political and environmental issues.

Lively discussions around innovation and digital art in museums stood out, and the XR Salon with its panels on mixed reality creation, funding, and distribution proved the relevance of this ever-evolving new medium.

MUTEK IMG 2019 Video
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