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Jennifer CardiniFR/DE

Jennifer Cardini<sup>FR/DE</sup>
Jennifer CardiniFR/DE
Métropolis 2

08.26 | 11:00 pm_6:00 am
DJ set: 3:25 am_6:00 am

Niçoise Jennifer Cardini became interested in electronic music as a teenager, initially favoring New wave and the emerging Chicago and Detroit sounds. Having started mixing in 1992, she moved to Paris in 1998 and soon became resident DJ at Pulp, before being recruited by the Rex Club, among others. After releasing a couple 12-inch vinyls, she published her Stay EP in 2005 on Cross Town Rebels, alongside producer Laurent Hô. A second EP, August in Paris, was released the following year on Mobilee. Other EPs will soon follow on Mobilee and other labels such as Kill The DJ, under her pseudonym Jennygoesdirty. Following her move to Cologne, Cardini became the first woman to sign with Kompakt, resulting in the release of Feeling Strange in 2008. In 2011, she launched her CORRESPONDANT label (specializing in Electro and House) and, after settling in Berlin, co-founded Dischi Autunno in 2017, focusing on Italo disco, Underground techno and Electro. Færies, her latest label, is geared toward the emerging transdisciplinary and post-genre artistic scene. Although she still releases 12-inches and remixes or at times provides the music score for Ami or Kenzo’s fashion shows, her reputation mostly stems from her unmatched DJ skills. Her dancefloor philosophy is not only reflected in her sets or the music she releases on her labels, but also through her commitment to the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Veritable icon of Electro, House and Minimal techno, Jennifer Cardini’s name is forever associated with the wildest nights of the world’s most illustrious clubs and festivals.

Jennifer Cardini usually crafts her irresistible and exhilarating sets by selecting the final track, choosing the destination where she wants the audience to travel to. She then selects a number of records and traces a loose itinerary to that final endpoint. While she always plans the first 20 minutes of her sets in order to have a foundation on which to build on, once those 20 minutes are up, anything is possible!

Presented with the support of the Consulate General of France in Québec.

French-born and currently Berlin-based, also a producer and founder of labels CORRESPONDANT, Dischi Autunno and Færies, DJ Jennifer Cardini is an emblematic figure of Electro, House and Minimal techno.


Crosstown Rebels, CORRESPONDANT, Kompakt, Mobilee


Known for having transformed dancefloors into feminist and pro-queer spaces, DJ and producer Jennifer Cardini recently co-founded Færies, a new label geared toward the emerging transdisciplinary and post-genre artistic scene.