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Echönymphia & le desert mauveCA/QC+CN/QC+FR/QC

Echönymphia & le desert mauve<sup>CA/QC+CN/QC+FR/QC</sup>
Echönymphia & le desert mauveCA/QC+CN/QC+FR/QC

A collaborative project between pianist Vivian Li and harpist Coralie Gauthier, Echönymphia paints sonic landscapes with shimmering textures and ethereal colors. Fusing the sounds of harp and synthesizer modified with an array of effects pedals, their ambient and minimalist-influenced music blends the timbre and sensitive playing of an acoustic instrument with live sound processing technology. Almost exclusively based on structured improvisation, their performances evolve intuitively, seeking to reflect natural rhythms, to draw subtle parallels between electronic sounds and those one might hear in a forest or in the whistling of the wind, to immerse the audience in the ephemeral sonic universe of an augmented nature.

Inspired by the eponymous novel by the poet Nicole Brossard, le désert mauve proposes a soft audiovisual synthesis. The duo, formed by sound artist Gabrielle HB and video artist Charline Dally, develops video works and performances that oscillate between fluid landscapes, infinite horizons and microscopic dances. Together, they elaborate slow and subtle progressions in order to soften the notion of time. Observing the space between thoughts, feeling a movement in the making and capturing the void. It is an inward looking place that opens up spacious possibilities.

On one side, a mauve desert with soft sand, with a fluid and infinite horizon. On the other side, a glittering forest where one perceives the subtle echo of the steps of invisible presences. In the center, the Oasis, a synthesis of these two ecosystems and the gathering of Echönymphia and le désert mauve.

Oasis is an attentive conversation between the four artists, who mix their respective instruments–harp, synthesizers, effects and video modules–with amplified blown glass objects that act as elements of a common playground.


Duos Echönymphia composed of harpist Coralie Gauthier and pianist Vivian Li, and le désert mauve, composed of sound artist Gabrielle HB and multidisciplinary artist Charline Dally


Echönymphia : A dive into augmented nature (2021)
le désert mauve : microstars (2020)