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Tim Hecker & Vincent de BellevalCA+CA/SE

Tim Hecker & Vincent de Belleval<sup>CA+CA/SE</sup>
Tim Hecker & Vincent de BellevalCA+CA/SE

In the realm of ambient and exploratory music, few have managed to remain as intriguing and genre-breaking as Tim Hecker. Over the years, the Vancouver-born electronic musician, composer and sound artist has shifted through numerous nuances of thoughtful electronic noise, experimental sound design and modern compositions, all filtered through his own unique brand. His work primarily focuses on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, favoring an approach that is both physical and emotive. Tim Hecker boasts an impressive number of albums and collaborative projects, such as the recent No Highs (released on Kranky), and also composes original soundtracks, most notably for the BBC’s The North Water series and Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool.

Vincent de Belleval designs context- and site-specific objects, rooted in the use of light and movement. He has collaborated with the likes of Arca, Amnesia Scanner, Nicolás Jaar and Carsten Höller, among others. Vincent de Belleval has developed a practice that merges spatial design, sculpture and technological R&D. From 2013 to 2016, he was a member of the art and design studio United Visual Artists; during his tenure, his work tackled the conceptual and technical aspects of sculpture, art installations and UVA’s live performances.

Tim Hecker will showcase his newest album No Highs as a North American premiere, accompanied by Japanese shō player Fumiya Otonashi and featuring a bespoke light installation by artist Vincent de Belleval. Featuring custom-made LED lights tuned to Hecker’s music, the performance explores the numerous new ways of finding new interactions between lights, sounds, colors, contrasts and textures. An opus simultaneously abrupt and alluring, No Highs invites listeners to delve ever deeper into its unsettling alchemies.

This project was commissioned by Rewire and Le Lieu Unique.

Canadian electronic musician, composer and sound artist Tim Hecker, alongside Swedish-Canadian multidisciplinary artist Vincent de Belleval.


Kranky, Milan, Lakeshore Records, 4AD, Alien8


No Highs (2023)
Infinity Pool (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2023, Milan)
The North Water (Original Score) (2021, Lakeshore Records)
Anoyo (2019, Kranky)
Konoyo (2018, Kranky)


Tim Hecker and Vincent de Belleval presented their latest collaborative performance as a world premiere during the most recent edition of The Hague’s Rewire festival.