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August 20, 2020
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MUTEK virtual exhibition: an exceptional showcase of multidisciplinary art

06 isabella salas small flower bits 1

Isabella Salas, "Small Flower Bits" - Credit: Isabella Salas

Highlighting the work of 25 local and international artists, MUTEK pursues the discussion about our digital futures which began during MUTEK's 20th edition with an entirely virtual exhibition. Distant Arcades is interested in how artists are convening and creating using distance and technology.
It features sound works, videos, 360s, and virtual-reality, echoing the tools and concepts discussed during MUTEK Forum: technology and the city, algorithmic bias, collection of personal data, technological racism, and the links between technology, machines and human emotions.

Presented in the MUTEK’s new virtual gallery—which is free to visit from September 8 to 13—and then on the MUTEK website until September 20, the exhibition centers the agency of the artist in a forced self-isolation virtual society.

Artists confirmed for the exhibition:
Aaron Bradbury UK Alex McLeod CA Debby Friday CA Depart AT Dpt. CA/QC Erin Gee CA/QC Frances Adair Mckenzie CA/QC GLOR1A UK Heather Lander UK Isabella Salas MX/QC Jawa El Khash CA Kathryn Hamilton & Deniz Tortum TR/NL/US Kathy Hinde UK Krzysztof Garbaczewski PL Lila Tirando a Violeta AR/UY Lucas LaRochelle CA/QC Quantum Foam UK Raphaël Néron CA/QC Refik Anadol TR/US Sahar Homami IR/QC Scott Benesiinaabandan CA/QC Shelley Barry ZA Sol Rezza AR Tatiana Heuman AR/DE Vicky Clarke UK

Exhibition available with MUTEK Replay until the end of November

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