Montréal Québec Canada
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Jérémy OuryFR

Jérémy Oury<sup>FR</sup>
Jérémy OuryFR

Jérémy Oury combines audio and visual skills to make singular mappings or digital installations and promotes a fresh vision of audiovisual arts. He focuses on a research about illusions from geometric distortions of Moiré's effects and works on immersive forms in order to place the viewer at the center of a minimalist virtual universe to disrupt his perception of space.

He loves visual distortions and unexpected narrations. These sound partitions are inspired by abstract textures with several sound layers, radically transformed sounds and electronic sample. These video contents combine different geometric and abstract forms to create illusion, distortion and tension's games specific to minimalism. He develops an creative process working on symbols and collective imaginary through simple themes to follow a logical narrative.

His artwork was awarded in various international video mapping festivals, fulldome festivals and he participates in exhibitions as ISEA symposium 2019 in South Korea, FILE festival and Rio Mapping festival in Brazil, Mapping festival in Switzerland, Domo Lleno in Colombia, ...