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Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada

Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada
Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada

Thursday, March 11, 2021
2:00 pm_5:00 pm

Virtual Platform


MUTEK presents Hybrid — Cutting Edge Canada, a festival collaboration with HYBRID/HELLERAU, one of Europe's most important arts centres in Dresden, Germany, from March 11 to 14.

For four days, 20 artists will present—mostly as world premieres—their new creations and reflections on MUTEK's virtual platform, customized for the 21st edition of the Festival last September:

Alexis Langevin-Tétrault CA/QC ─ Hypercube (one) / BunBun US/QC / Cadie Desbiens- Desmeules & Michael Gary Dean CA/QC ─ Previz / Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate CA+US ─ Morié / Deadbeat & Fatima Camara CA/DE / Gene Tellem CA/QC / Line Katcho CA/QC ─ Immortelle / Lucas Paris CA/QC ─ Light Center Folds / Matt Thibideau & Markus Heckmann CA/QC+DE ─ Reclusion / Myriam Boucher CA/QC / Ouri FR/QC / Pierre-Luc Lecours CA/QC / Priori CA/QC / Sabrina Ratté QC/FR ─ Floralia / Sahar Homami IR/QC / T.Gowdy CA/QC

Navigate between virtual stages with live performances, an interactive Virtual Gallery, an Auditorium with Talks and Panels, and a Listening Room showcasing the best of the MUTEK archives.

Beyond the performative program we will further present the NEW NATURE initiative in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Montreal: A project in which climate scientists, technology experts and artists respond to the need to rethink our relationship with nature. With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada, we hope to provide a great platform for all artists and an exciting experience for our audience.

///How it works///

The festival platform on will be open between Thursday, March 11 and Sunday, March 14, 2021. The live program will be streamed each night from 20:00 German time (CET = GMT+1) with an additional replay scheduled for 20:00 Montreal time (EST = GMT-5). The Virtual Gallery, the Auditorium, and the Listening Room will be available on-demand throughout the entire festival period.

After your free registration, you will be granted access to the full virtual festival experience of Hybrid — Cutting Edge Canada. We do not sell tickets – but with a donation, you can help us support LISA, the network of the club scene in Saxony.

MUTEK - Event Placeholder