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Born and raised in Virginia, Adam Longman Parker, better known by his pseudonym Afriqua, grew up inspired by local legends The Neptunes, Timbaland, and Missy Elliot. At a young age, he straddled the seemingly disparate worlds of classical music and hip hop, studying the piano while developing his skills as a producer and DJ. Diving into turntablism and breakdancing, he performed alongside pioneers Jazzy Jay, Grandwizard Theodore, and Grandmaster Caz, formative experiences that evolved into a natural versatility behind the decks. He went on to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London by day while receiving a quintessential nightlife education through iconic institutions such as Fabric and Plastic People. Parker then moved to Berlin to bask in the city’s rich musical offerings.

His early productions as Afriqua caught the attention of independent labels including 2nd Drop Records, Souvenir and All Inn, where he explored sounds firmly within the house and techno spheres, yet unmistakably beyond. Parker began an exclusive relationship with R&S Records in 2017, and his debut EP Aleph, both a DJ and crowd favorite, exemplified his approach to production: weaving deep samples into spacey sonic tapestries, honoring black heritage while propelling it into the future. Parker’s debut LP Colored, released on R&S in 2019, further celebrates Black culture through the prism of modern electronic music.

Marking 10 years of scene-shifting releases and dancefloor-destroying DJ performances on the international club circuit, Afriqua will make his long-awaited debut at MUTEK Montréal. His one-of-a-kind musicality will be on full display through a live performance dedicated exclusively to his original material. To quote Funkadelic: “Free your mind… And your ass will follow.”


Adam Longman Parker, better known by his moniker Afriqua, creates unpredictable music, with one ear turned to the past and an eye firmly locked on the future.


R&S Records
Cure Music
Soul Clap Records


Margin of Era (2021)
AFREEKWUH (Soul Clap Records, 2020)
Colored (R&S Records, 2019)
Vice​/​Principle EP (2018)


Afriqua’s genre-defying versatility gained wider recognition through his “Corona Cookin” series and viral lockdown videos featuring Parker’s classically-trained instrumental prowess and lighthearted stage presence.