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Alicia Hush & Elysha PoirierCA/QC

Alicia Hush & Elysha Poirier<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Alicia Hush & Elysha PoirierCA/QC

A storied veteran of Montréal minimal house, Alicia Hush has unleashed a diverse array of expressively energetic bass-driven grooves on the city's underground clubs over the past six years, with productions that resonate with subtle absurdity and crunchy, deep-fried groove.

Creating a home-base for her whimsical, wobbling frequencies on her Hushlamb label alongside Sarah Lamb, Hush has staked out a reputation in both Toronto and Montréal's independent electronic communities, both independently and in her ongoing collaborative projects: Yes Ma’am, a kinetic live project with Ana+one that graced the MUTEK stage in 2013, and La Moosh, an effortlessly smooth DJ duo with collaborator Zeina.

Meanwhile, Elysha Poirier‘s visual body of work combines analogue and low-fi techniques with live performances and installations, jumping between animation and video, and investigating the world's naturally occurring patterns, and how they can become images. Poirier's visually rich, evocative graphics merge the world of the imaginary and real, dissolving the bounderies between the two.

MUTEK 2020 finds both performers playing to their strengths for Wishing Well, an A/V performance inspired by the aural wonders of the ocean depths. Hush structures a lush underwater soundscape using micro sampling, random sequencing and swelling sub bass, while Elysha’s visuals echo these submerged melodies with blends and folds of sublime refracted light. Together they synthesize their techniques to create a fully immersive journey through groove, sampling, obscurity, and whimsy.

Wishing Well is an A/V performance in which Montréal’s Alicia Hush uses micro sampling, random sequencing and swelling sub bass to produce submerged landscapes of sound that sounds lifted from the depths of the ocean floor. Elysha Poirier's visuals echo these submerged melodies with blends and folds of light, geometry and watery worlds that dance in unison with grounded rhythms.


Ontario-born, Montréal-based producer Alicia Hush creating a propulsive synthesis between image and sound alongside Montréal-based Multimedia artist & designer Elysha Poirier.


Hushlamb, Cynosure, Drifted


Dilly Dally (Cynosure, 2019), Vervet Underground (Hushlamb, 2017), The Slightest Inkling ‎(Hushlamb, 2015)