Montréal Québec Canada
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08.25 | 10:30 pm_3:00 am

Ayesha, dynamic force in the Brooklyn club scene, has carved a unique niche with her tactile club productions that weave techno, bass, and a rich tapestry of diasporic influences. Her sound is an astute blend of trippy psychedelic soundscapes and robust percussive rhythms that echo both the pulsating energy of UK soundsystem culture, and the gritty essence of New York nightlife.
Her debut album, Rhythm Is Memory, released by Kindergarten Records, encapsulates this broad sonic spectrum while maintaining a clear narrative thread that showcases her visionary approach. Each track invokes her ability to conjure physical reactions through rhythmic precision and deep textures. Ayesha refers to this project as a pivotal moment in her career—a deeper exploration into her musical identity, spurred by encouragement from close collaborator Ma Sha of Kindergarten Records.
With over a decade of experience in DJing and a profound understanding of dancefloor dynamics, Ayesha’s sets are a menage of styles, characterized by her playful curiosity and exploratory spirit. Her music not only reverberates throughout the body, but also reflects a thoughtful engagement with cultural roots and contemporary influences, creating a compelling, dance-inducing experience that captivates audiences.

Ayesha US
Live | World Premiere

Ayesha brings to MUTEK Montréal a first-of-its-kind performance, where Brooklyn's vibrant beats fuse with global influences. Her debut album, Rhythm Is Memory, subtly infuses her sets, merging eclectic rhythms and deep textures. This not-to-be-missed premiere subtly showcases her innovative spirit, inviting attendees into a celebratory exploration of rhythm and sound.


Ayesha is an American producer and DJ based in New York.


Ayesha works as an editor at Splice, a music creation platform.