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Connect PRECTXE - Première (MTL)

08.29 | 21:00_22:19
Live A/V: 21:00_21:27

Connect PRECTXE - Replay (EU)

08.30 | 15:00_16:19
Live A/V: 15:00_15:27

Connect PRECTXE - Replay (JP)

08.30 | 08:00_09:19
Live A/V: 08:00_08:27

BAKÁH is a moniker of Seoul-born electronic musician and a new media artist Mint Park who is currently based in The Hague, NL. Through her sound and image practice whichoften deals with ever-morphing sense of time and space in today’s binary and machine quantified frame work, she navigates through indeterminate forms and spaces by working with textures, natural phenomenon and noise. She is a co-founder of Unheard Records, which focuses electronic and experimental music of female, p.o.c and minority background artists.

BAKÁH NL/KRMorphology of [ __ ]

Morphology of [ __ ] series is a study on spatial sound and its relationship to the image. Repeating sonic fragments and layered planars of images come to fluctuating terrains and indeterminate structures in the performance while trying to find an ever-morphing sense of time and space in today’s binary and machine-quantified framework. As an audio-visual piece, the study weaves in and out of analog and digital planes, looking for a different sense of physicality and a hybrid movement of the in-between world.

Presented by PRECTXE