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Cy-Ens is the same duo—sound artist, percussionist, vocalist and composer Honey vH+ Haq Pazhutan, and designer, instrumentalist, author and educator Max Pazhutan—that took the stage at MUTEK in 2018 and 2019 as The Quark Model. As Cy-Ens, they form a cybernetic ensemble that performs using programming languages and an array of "digital gadgets." Through continuous works, such as "Aryabhatia : Trigonometric Meditations," "Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi," and "The Tower of Hanoi," Cy-Ens explore logical art that aims to inspire learning and personal development. The duo makes use of free and open-source audio programming languages that generate or compose abstract, conceptual, mathematical and musical models of sound grounded in numbers and patterns from other conceptual domains, which arise from the logical relation between the target domain's components and their interdependence.

This year, they will perform "Lullabyte Portamenti," an eight-movement piece where ethereal, lullaby-like vocals are embedded into a sonic atmosphere provided by synthesizers and Theremin, over textural live-coded and algorithmic generations that create different spaces of musical expression. Together it delivers a meditative message for the environment and humankind, expressed and mirrored through computational technology and the auditory mathematics known as music.

Cy-Ens is made up of Honey vH+ Haq Pazhutan and Max Pazhutan. They form a cybernetic ensemble that uses programming languages and digital gadgets to create "Lullabyte Portamenti," an eight-movement piece blending ethereal vocals with synthesizers and Theremin, over live-coded and algorithmic sound generation.


Interdisciplinary sound artists and educators Honey Haq Pazhutan and Max Pazhutan, who also collaborate as The Quark Model.


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Cy-Ens: "Tài Yi JIn Huá Zong Zhi" (2016),"Aryabhatiya - Trigonometric Meditations, Vol. II : Āryabhaṭa's Sine Table" (2018); The Quark Model: React (2019); Twarc Pyroelectric: The Quartz Vortex (2017), Magnetar (2017)


Beyond audio programming languages, Cy-Ens employs digital gadgets like Nintendo DS and iPad; MIDI controller sliders, knobs, and percussion pads; and several software synthesizers, samplers, and digital audio workstations.