Montréal Québec Canada
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With a filmmaker's perspective on visual thematics and narrative, Diagraf combines minimalist aesthetics and complex evolutive graphics with emotive cinematic content. Keenly tuned in to the sounds of the musicians and producers he works alongside, Diagraf often creates new content inspired by their music, working much like a filmmaker in reverse as he edits his images live while the musical performance unfolds.

Diagraf hones his craft with a broad array of technology, increasingly working with generative elements, immersive content and virtual/augmented reality to develop a visual language that crosses sensory boundaries. At home in dome, multiscreen and all manner of performative contexts, Diagraf has intertwined his images with the music of Ricardo Villalobos, Max Cooper, Voices From the Lake, Pheek, Nina Kraviz, The Field, Dasha Rush, Function, Acid Pauli and Orphx. At MUTEK 2018, Diagraf's mesmerizing visuals continued the artist's exploration of futurism, metaphysics, existentialism and humanism.


Trudeau also produces music and video with audiovisual group Orbital Mechanics