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The sonic world of the Montréal- based, Iranian Canadian artist GOLPESAR (Rouzbeh Shadpey), is one which blurs the edges of experimental, club, and academic forms of electronic music. Having completed a BFA in Electroacoustic Music at Concordia University in 2019, GOLPESAR’s current sound research and work examines the use of AI in electronic music as well as decolonial praxis and approaches in sound studies. He has presented work at MUTEK AI Art Lab, MUTEK Montréal, Phi Centre, Ada x, and Suoni Per Il Popolo.

His recent release for Opal Tapes, The Flesh of the World, balanced abrasive textures and tender vocal samples to express the difficulties of coping with contemporary geopolitics. Never predictable, GOLPESAR’s music crackles with energy — the expression of queer embodiment and desire, with the thorniness and ecstasy it can entail. His debut LP A Body Without, and in Need is set to be released on Éditions Appaerent in Fall 2021.

Sam Bourgault is a visual artist from Montréal. She is a second-year Ph.D. student in the Media Arts and Technology program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She owns degrees in Computation Arts from Concordia University (2019) and in Physics Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal (2015).

GOLPESAR IR/QCA Body Without, and in Need

For MUTEK, Montréal-based, Iranian Canadian queer artist and musician GOLPESAR (Rouzbeh Shadpey) has prepared a special live version of his forthcoming record A Body Without, and in Need. With electric guitar, avant-garde electronics, and spoken word, GOLPESAR will enact a communal ritual of self-mourning where evil eyes are dispelled, monolithic selves are unsounded, and memory is allowed to flood. Visuals by Sam Bourgault.


The Montréal-based, Iranian Canadian queer artist and musician GOLPESAR (Rouzbeh Shadpey) whose most recent EP The Flesh of the World was released on UK label Opal Tapes.


Opal Tapes


The Flesh of the World (2020)


GOLPESAR often touches on traditional and contemporary Iranian sounds and is especially inspired by female artists such as Forough, Marzieh and Googoosh.