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Jorge Savoretti & VJ/JTAR

Jorge Savoretti & VJ/JT<sup>AR</sup>
Jorge Savoretti & VJ/JTAR
Connect MUTEK.AR - Première (MTL)

08.24 | 21:00_22:30
Live: 21:30_22:00

Connect MUTEK.AR - Replay (EU)

08.25 | 15:00_16:30
Live: 15:30_16:00

Connect MUTEK.AR - Replay (JP)

08.25 | 08:00_09:30
Live: 08:30_09:00

Born in Rosario and living in Buenos Aires, Jorge Savoretti is a DJ and Producer. With a personal style, his work is built through diverse electronic styles, such as House, Minimal, Techno, Dub, Funk, Breakbeat and Electro. In 2011, he created the international recording company Savor Music, alongside DJ & producer Cape. In 2019 he founded Música Lunar, a digital label oriented to House and Minimal specifically created to visibilize emerging and renowned argentinian artists. His musical productions have been edited by well known record labels from Latin America, the United States and Europe, such as: Raum...Musik (Germany), Atipic (Romania), Visionquest (United States), Infuse (UK), Telerap (France), M-nus (Germany, Canada), Cadenza (Switzerland), among others.

Joaco Torrecilla (VJ/JT) was born in Zapala, Neuquén Province, Argentina. Since 2012 his graphic design profession has been key to his first steps in VJing. Since 2015 he has been resident in the main clubs and events in his hometown, such as Slowmotion, Hunza, Closer, Unknown, Vision and Goce. He has developed visuals for argentinian rock, dub and electronic music bands such as La Estafa Dub and Babasonicos. In 2020 and 2021 he developed visuals for online presentations for DJs: Jorge Savoretti, Marcelo del Boca, Tomas Saenz and Lautaro Scavuzzo.

Jorge Savoretti & Joaco Torrecilla AR

Balance, harmony and equilibrium: with a live set that explores different electronic music styles, this experimental Journey developed by Jorge Savoretti mixes Dub, Techno, House, Minimal, Electro & Funk influences, painting a vibrant sound landscape full of meanings. VJ Joaco Torrecilla live visuals draw, in real time, the poetry of a sunrise that will unfailingly die at sunset. Access to this sound portal will only be possible through rhythm machines, synths and MIDI controllers.

Presented by MUTEK.AR


Jorge Savoretti is an argentinian DJ and producer, creator of the Savor Music and Música Lunar labels. He currently lives in Buenos Aires. Joaquin Torrecilla is an argentinian visual artist, also known as VJ/JT.


Savor Music, Musica Lunar


Fraires EP (2020)
Cajuality EP ‎(2020)