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L.B Dub Corp (Luke Slater)UK

L.B Dub Corp (Luke Slater)<sup>UK</sup>
L.B Dub Corp (Luke Slater)UK

Reflecting on a career spanning three decades, Luke Slater is a true dance music legend. The British producer has not only been pivotal in the rise of techno but his work continues to play a vital role in driving the genre forward, particularly under his Planetary Assault Systems name. Following its launch in 2006, Slater’s L.B.Dub Corp moniker has been responsible for refreshing house music on labels like Mote-Evolver and Ostgut Ton, with the latter hosting the pseudonym’s debut album in 2013. Side Effects is the project’s first body of work since then.

As L.B. Dub Corp, Slater wanders the corridors of classic chicago house and dub mixed with current releases that relates to “the other side” pulling influences from jack and indeed jill.

Slater says of L.B Dub Corp sets “I started my career with early house music and LB gives me a chance to put another head on and play music relating to that, there’s never a set selection with LB, I like to explore the dub aspect of the groove mixed with house classics and reworks and new artists. Its a lot of fun to be honest.”

Under the alias Planetary Sound Systems, Luke Slater will distill a live techno performance on Friday night at MTELUS. On the free outdoor stage, it is his house and groove repertoire that he will present to the public as L.B Dub Corp during an unpredictable and explosive DJ set.


Luke Slater, aka L.B. Dub Corp, is a British techno musician, DJ and producer. He is one of the most chameleonic enigmas in global techno, moving from one variation of the genre to another with euphoric clarity.


Ostgut Ton


A key player in the UK and now global techno scene, Luke Slater has been in all the right electronic bands since the early 90s and, like other electronic visionaries and sonic wizards such as Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin, has never stopped smelling the roses. Born in Berkshire, he is a major player whose sound and (punk) attitude are unmistakable.