Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC

Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC
Musique NouvelleCA/QC

Nocturne 1

09.11 | 21:00 EDT
Live: 21:00 EDT

Nocturne 1 Virtual - Première

09.11 | 21:00_00:30 EDT
Live: 21:00 EDT

Nocturne 1 Virtual - Replay 1

09.12 | 08:00_11:15 EDT
Live: 08:00 EDT

Nocturne 1 Virtual - Replay 2

09.12 | 15:00_18:15 EDT
Live: 15:00 EDT

Musique NouvelleCA/QC

Montréal electronic music duo Musique Nouvelle is formed of Félix Gourd (Absurde) and Simon Chioini (S. Chioini, DJ Voilà). This collaboration witnesses to the artists’ penchant for stratified and energetic techno, as well as for explorations into sound, experimentation, and improvisation.

Drawing on the industrial rave aesthetic that has coloured their latest performances, Musique Nouvelle is back with a techno sound both flexible and open to experimentation. Long-form structures and atmospheric tones fuse with the group’s rhythmic work, which this time invites more attentive listening—without stepping away from the dancefloor altogether.

Meanwhile, improvisation is still the very core of the duo’s work. Gourd and Chioini share synths and consoles, allowing the music to follow the flow of movement. Above all, Musique Nouvelle are performers whose work hinges on renewal.

Musique Nouvelle started out with an audiovisual performance at MUTEK Mexico in 2017 before committing to a hardcore techno style and a practice firmly rooted in improvisation. The duo has played several shows within the Montréal techno scene (Sight & Sound 2019, Exposé Noir 2019, NVA 2018) and again for MUTEK, this time in Buenos Aires (2018). As such, they have shared the stage with internationally renowned artists including Squarepusher, Telefon Tel Aviv, Function, Dr. Rubenstein, DJ Nobu, and Karen Gwyer.


Musique Nouvelle is made up of the duo of composer and producer Simon Chioini (DJ Voilà, S. Chioini) and multidisciplinary artist Félix Gourd (Absurde).


Acid, Bass, Club, Experimental, Industrial, Techno


Félix Gourd: Humidex; Simon Chioini: Where To Now?, Acte, 1080p, Dream Disc Records, Humidex


Humidex 001 (2020)
Félix Gourd: Absurde: Folding the Dishes (2020);
Simon Chioini: DJ Voilà: Endless Summer (2016), Dumbledogs (2017); S. Chioni: Amour détritus (2020)


Simon Chioini and Félix Gourd both studied at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal, though each in different disciplines, and are two of the cofounders of Canadian techno label Humidex.


Montréal: 2020, 2018

Buenos Aires: 2018

Mexico: 2017