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Oculta StudioMX

Oculta Studio<sup>MX</sup>
Oculta StudioMX

The artists behind Oculta Studio combine digital platforms and physical spaces to create experiences in which the interaction between people and technology are always the starting point. Since the couple of years that it has been active, the studio has made virtual spaces, outdoors and within architectural spaces, their laboratory to experiment with lighting as an element to transform reality. Whether with large-scale interactive proposals, light sculptures, ephemeral architecture or hybrid pieces, the creatives at Oculta design experiences to resignify the sense of meeting after a long time of physical distancing.

Oculta, multimedia art studio in Mexico City.


Oculta, multimedia art studio in Mexico City.


FLO, a large light sculpture with 300 lights that recreate organic patterns.


Oculta Studio was in charge of the imposing Immersive Kinetic Room in the 2022 edition of Zona Maco.