Montréal Québec Canada
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08.25 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm

Based in Montréal, Devon Hansen, known artistically as Persuasion, is an artist with a focus on texture, atmosphere, and groove. Over two decades, Hansen's exploration of electronic music spans across ambient to dub-influenced techno, marked by a nuanced approach to sound design. Their work extends to sound works for diverse media such as podcasts and multichannel installations.
In recent years, Hansen has embraced self-publishing through their digital label, Idioms, showcasing their aptitude for dreamy, dub-tinged soundscapes with releases like the acclaimed EP Pure Delusion. Their creative process involves a blend of improvisation and meticulous sound crafting, utilizing tools like modular synthesizers and laptops to shape sound in real time.
Hansen's inspiration stems from a wide array of sources, including ambient and electroacoustic music.

Persuasion CA/QC

Persuasion introduces a live set emphasizing improvisation with a hybrid setup of modular synthesizers and a laptop. Dub-tinged ambient rhythms, textures, and melodic motifs are generated on the fly, live-looped, layered, and processed to create an evolving system of deep soundscapes and spontaneous grooves.


Persuasion (Devon Hansen) is a Montréal-based producer, DJ, writer and label director.


Idioms, Black Opal


Pure Delusion EP (2020)


Hansen's first foray into production began by googling "how to make your own techno" at 11 years old