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Yuri Urano & Manami SakamotoJP

Yuri Urano &  Manami Sakamoto<sup>JP</sup>
Yuri Urano & Manami SakamotoJP

Yuri Urano is an electronic artist originating from and operating out of Osaka, Japan. As an interdisciplinary creative, her work flows and expands across mediums; unable to be confined to one form but consistently maintaining a future-facing vision. Urano’s output sits across recorded releases of electronics & vocal arrangements but also delves into collaborations in AV, installations plus experiments in augmented reality.

Manami Sakamoto is a visual artist based in Tokyo. She started her career as a VJ and has performed at nightclub events and festivals in Japan as well as large festivals abroad, including Amsterdam, New York, Vancouver, Singapore and South Korea. She specializes in a style of expression that includes organic and randomness by collaging natural materials photographed with noise and particles created by 3D computer graphics.

Metaract is an exploration of the duality between analog and digital. It reveals the artists' quest for meaning through their documentation of natural elements such as textures, colors and sounds in the composition of the work. Overlays of synthetic sounds and fragments created from 3D imagery intensify the narrative. The Metaract experience in the immersive environment of the dome will stimulate the audience intellectually and allow them to understand that there is some truth and joy in living in an unrevealed world.


Industrial techno producer Yuri Urano and innovative visual artist Manami Sakamoto.