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September 18, 2017
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MUTEK Recommends: 5 à Tech vol. 1 and RBMA Weekender

Metropolis1 Orphyx Vivien Gaumand 03


5 à Tech vol. 1 "Nouveaux récits: expériences en solo vs expériences collectives" on September 19 at the Phi Centre
RBMA Weekender:
- Nadja, Orphx and Pan Daijing on September 21
- Moonshine with Le1f, Bambii and DJ Marfox on September 22
- Never Apart presents Equinox with Carla dal Forno, Courtesy, Umfang and Volvox on September 23
- Rhye and Charlotte Day Wilson on September 24
CMD and Stefan Jos on September 21 at Datcha
Never Apart presents a Q&A with Steven Marquardt on September 23
Sight + Sound festival September 27 to October 1
Perte de Signal presents KidZlab, a digital art festival for children September 28 to October 1
Momenta Biennale de l'image, until October 15
KM3, an art walk through Quartier des Spectacles, until October 15
Lucid Realities, the third edition of Sensory Sotries, until December 16


Call for projects in VR - FNC Explore
Call for proposals - Dazibao
Deadline: October 15
Call for proposals - TOPO, Laboratoire d'écriture numérique
Deadline: September 30

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