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Dimitri NasrallahCA

Dimitri Nasrallah<sup>CA</sup>
Dimitri NasrallahCA

Dimitri Nasrallah currently handles international press relations and online initiatives for MUTEK, including the editorship of MUTEKMAG, the organization's online electronic music journal. Outside MUTEK, his freelance journalism currently appears in Exclaim! and AOL Music Canada, and he has written in the past for Toronto's Eye Weekly, Urb, Maisonneuve Magazine, and the Montreal Gazette. Nasrallah has been working with MUTEK in various capacities of media and the daytime professional component for five years. In 2002, he began training in press relations at the North American offices of Force Inc. Music Works, and then moved on to the promotion of electronic music through the niche-market publicity firm Regenerate Industries.