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Mujeres en la Industria Musical (MiM)
Mujeres en la Industria Musical (MiM)

Celia Carrillo Castillo is one of the most prominent music business executives in Spain. In a sector as dynamic as the cultural industry, she has earned her recognized prestige directing launch campaigns and development strategies for record productions and major tours and concerts.

Her talent has been at the service of the best companies in the recording industry, BMG, MCA, Polygram, Universal, Virgin and Emi. She has held positions as Vice President, Global Marketing at EMI Music in London. Previously as Marketing Director at the Madrid headquarters. Her professional profile now develops in the live music sector, first in Live Nation, the world's leading concert promoter, and currently in Tickemaster, a leading company in its sector.

She is also an equal opportunity activist and co-founder of the association Women in the Music Industry, MIM, and also teaches the Marketing program in the Master of Music Industry at the Carlos III University of Madrid. She is passionate about innovation, creativity and the challenges brought by the constant changes in the entertainment business model.

MIM was born as an association in September 2016 during the 28th edition of the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, which coincidentally offered the most feminine programming in the history of the Mercat.

During the months prior to its constitution, meetings of female professionals took place in different cities of the state, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Coruña, who, sharing experiences, concluded that it was really necessary to create a platform where professionals in the sector could generate visibility, and enhance a gender problem that most of the time is dissipated, especially in this sector, due to the immediacy, the volume of work, etc: professional women in the music industry, do not receive the same treatment as professional men in the music industry, even having the same level of professionalism.

At a time when the percentage of women in universities and music schools is higher than that of their male counterparts, and with even more brilliant academic results, the number of women in the music industry is still in the minority, especially in certain sub-sectors. Thus, we can find many women in marketing and communication areas, but few in technical areas, press or production.

Special mention should be made of women in managerial positions, which are more than scarce. This scarcity is completely unjustified, and that is why from MIM we want this website to be a tool to connect and contact with women in music, in its broadest spectrum and professional diversity. A place where there is full visibility for professionals in the sector.

Its ultimate goal is the solution. "We wish with all our strength that the day will come when there will be no need for our association, nor our website, or that our website and association will become "Music Industry Professionals" where men and women will have the same treatment, the same salaries, the same opportunities, and the same possibilities. To date, we will be here, doing everything in our hands, to reach our goal".

Currently in MIM there are more than 100 members, in addition to the board of directors, which we present to you below, various commissions work permanently to achieve our goals.