Montréal Québec Canada
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Feli Cabrera LópezCO/AR

Feli Cabrera López<sup>CO/AR</sup>
Feli Cabrera LópezCO/AR

Colombian-born, Buenos Aires-based electronic music producer, transmedia artist, trans-non binary activist, and teacher, Feli Cabrera López (Efe Ce Ele) (she/they) explores noise, sound design, embodiment, and bio-interactivity, creating experiments and performing as a musician between different genres such as IDM, techno, electro, and ambient. They also create installations and audiovisual work in different formats. They have performed, exhibited, and published their works in different countries in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Their latest piece, Biosynthetic Borders, is a transmedia performance made from microbiological and digital resources that generates audiovisual environments. The biological input is detected by a digital microscope, manipulated by the artist and digitally processed to coexist with purely synthetic images and sounds. The overarching concept is that there is no border between the human being and nature: all is biology.

Appears as part of AMPLIFY D.A.I, an initiative of the British Council in partnership with MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Buenos Aires and Somerset House Studios in the UK. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts.