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Grand RiverDE

Grand River<sup>DE</sup>
Grand RiverDE

Aimée Portioli (she/her) is a Dutch-Italian composer and sound designer who records and performs as Grand River. Her music infiltrates electronic music experimentalism with a cinematic bent, placing an atmospheric lens over complex rhythmic structures. These lush and peculiar landscapes blur long-form transitions with suspense. Influenced by classical minimal music, Grand River’s work integrates a large variety of sound structures and symphonic calculations in which she crafts absorbing experimental and ambient narrations combining traditional composition with contemporary sound research. In 2020, Grand River released her sophomore album, Blink A Few Times To Clear Your Eyes, following her previous 2018 album, Pineapple, and 2017’s Crescente, which was named among the best releases of the year by XLR8R. Since then, her work has been presented in festivals and venues across the world such as MUTEK, Mapping Festival, Nachtdigital, and many more. Since 2016, Grand River has run the record label, One Instrument.

Photo credit: Marie Haefner