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Sabelo MhlambiUS

Sabelo Mhlambi<sup>US</sup>
Sabelo MhlambiUS

Sabelo Mhlambi is the founder of Bantucracy, a public interest organization that focuses on ubuntu ethics and technology; a Fellow at the Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society; and a Technology and Human Rights Fellow at Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. Mhlambi's work is at the intersection of human rights, ethics, culture, and technology and emphasizes global south perspectives in AI policy. In particular, Mhlambi's research examines the human rights implications of algorithmic technology on marginalized communities and proposes a new ethical framework for governing the creation and use of Artificial Intelligence in ways that maximize social progress and harmony. Mhlambi's work broadens the conversation on Ethics and AI by introducing non-western frameworks for examining the effects of automated decision making technology, and has been used to advise African governments on Ethical AI policy. Mhlambi's work is also supplemented by more than a decade's experience in building large scale software systems, which include Natural Language Processing for African languages, open-source anti-censorship software, and content recommendation systems.