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Automatisme & Marilou Lyonnais ArchambaultCA/QC

Automatisme & Marilou Lyonnais Archambault<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Automatisme & Marilou Lyonnais ArchambaultCA/QC

William Jourdain has been working under the name Automatisme since 2011 as an electronic musician, audiovisual and digital artist. He explores various intersections of ambient music, clicks & cuts, dub techno, field recordings and glitch, as well as digital visual art. Passionate, he has released albums with Constellation (CA), Force Inc / Mille Plateaux (Germany), Neologist Productions (US), Liberation Through Hearing (UK), Outlines (PL) and several other labels.

Automatisme has performed on recordings with Byetone, Monolake, Seefeel, Thisquietarmy, Myriam Boucher and others. Jourdain also completed a creative residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Malmo (Swedish center for electroacoustic music and sound art) in 2019. He holds a degree in art history from UQAM, with a focus on altermodernism, non-representation and sound architecture. These themes are at the heart of Automatisme's artistic approach and several essays he has written himself.

Marilou Lyonnais Archambault is a visual artist, musician and DJ. Collecting a multitude of musical genres, her mixes juxtapose a variety of styles; from dub to experimental music, dance music, soul and jazz. She is also a member of the musical duo Saudade and hosts a monthly radio show on n10as. When she is not playing or composing music, she is working on an upcoming visual arts exhibition.

This year at MUTEK we can expect a performance featuring Automatisme (Québec musician and conceptual artist William Jourdain) and visual artist, musician and DJ Marilou Lyonnais Archambault. Recent audio works by Automatisme from his two albums Gap/Void (Constellation) and Statique (Mille Plateaux) will be fused with visuals of digitized natural landscapes by Marilou Lyonnais Archambault.


William Jourdain performs under the pseudonym of experimental electronic music Automatisme. Marilou Lyonnais Archambault is a visual artist, musician and DJ who performs under the name (oum or within the duo Saudade.


Constellation, Force Inc / Mille Plateaux, Neologist Productions, Liberation Through Hearing, Outlines


Gap/Void | Automatisme w/ Stefan Paulus (Constellation, 2022)
Statique | Automatisme (Mille Plateaux, 2022)
Viatorism - Versions | William Jourdain & Jean-Patrice Rémillard (Diffuse Reality Records, 2021)


Automatisme’s compositions, which he presents as "soundscapes", have allowed him to establish himself within this underground scene and even to cross borders constantly inhabited by a desire to push the limits of new technologies.