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Axel HeliosCA/QC

Axel Helios<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Axel HeliosCA/QC

Based in Montreal, Axel Helios holds several positions: producer, sound designer, software developer, visual artist operating under the pseudonym Render.Tex. He is also the head of the label Shabu Recordings since 2011 and creates music under various names such as Pizza Kitten, Offshore Banking or Moonlight Maze. With his music, Axel Helios seeks to design something complex and experimental, yet easy to understand and feel, developing new spaces and environments in which the listener is invited to explore. These explorations are intended to provoke strong emotions and feelings that resonate with a wide range of audiences. His work is primarily based on the principle of ambience and sound design rather than on the precise rules of musical genre, while understanding and diverting them.

Cerebral Wastelands

With Drichtel, his previous audiovisual performance, Axel Helios explored themes of loneliness, anxiety and fear. His new creation, Cerebral Wastelands, is an interactive audiovisual performance for dome and could be considered a logical continuation of Drichtel. Cerebral Wastelands is about coming to terms with your inner demons and getting rid of acquired prejudices by facing them. As an interactive performance, Cerebral Wastelands will allow the audience to take control of certain aspects of the performance in real time, thanks to data provided by their cell phones.

In collaboration with the Society for Arts and Technology


Montréal-based musician, visual artist, label owner and software developer, Axel Helios, also known as Pizza Kitten, Offshore Banking, Moonlight Maze or Render.Tex.


Drichtel (2019)


Axel Helios' music is mainly based on the notion of ambiances and sound design rather than on precise rules of musical genre, while understanding and diverting them.