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Bomi YookKR/CA

Bomi Yook<sup>KR/CA</sup>
Bomi YookKR/CA

Calgary-based Korean Canadian artist Bomi Yook uncovers the hidden world of information infrastructures through her multimedia practice. She implements digital artifacts in her contemplative pieces, reshaping the narrative of the visible world. Yook explores the boundaries between technological and biological through the power dynamics that exist in her performances. The interactions between human, machine and nature provide a closer view into the system we live in. Yook's most recent projects dive into the world of computational machines and their political impact on the globalization of network platforms and addressing systems. Through the creation of fictional worlds, she questions the centralization of control and the monitorization of behaviour these machines can hold. Yook underlines the opportunistic exploitations these abstract states can have on societies. These themes are reflected through unsettling post-internet visual trips, evocative of uncertain futures to come.

Bomi Yook KR/CADream Machine

Dream Machine is a multimedia journey to the realm of information architecture composed of virtual and physical units. A multiplex of worlds unravels throughout the experience accompanied by rolling kick drums and eerie soundscapes. A mysterious silhouette practices tai chi while narrating a poem that conveys their existence. They are the voice of the machine, escorting us through different portals of realities, infinite layers of one sole consciousness. As the viewer ventures further into the intermeshed spaces, the Dream Machine unveils secrets of this planetary techno-culture, revealing the social-ontology embedded in and across the techno-infrastructures of our world.

This work was made possible with Shadertoy Open Source. Music by Reece Anderson.


Calgary-based Korean-Canadian artist Bomi Yook, upcycling digital media inspired by information technology as a tool for critiquing, contemplating and speculating.


Yook recently conducted a performance called Café Machina, in which she worked with two performers and mechanical components.


Bomi Yook has volunteered throughout the world in care-centers, equal education initiative programs and mediated home-education programs.