Montréal Québec Canada
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Caro’s sounds land somewhere between the realms of smoked-out experimentalism and visceral dub/dubstep soundscapes. Their debut LP Lowlands was released on famed Bristol label Limbo Tapes in 2021. Caro draws their sonic inspirations from Canada’s untamed nature, from conifers and frozen rivers, but always with an ear for pioneering rhythms.

Caro’s first LP emulates the graceful movements of water, light and air, while implicitly echoing distant worlds of sprawling concrete. Each track from Lowlands evokes a facet of their perspective and experience, revealing a symbiosis with the behavior of everyday natural elements. Caro has shared their music as part of such iconic festivals as Bass Coast, Shambhala and Burning Man.

Caro blends layers of field recordings and sounds either found or created in order to craft innovative sonic landscapes. Drawing from site-specific inspiration and supported by the composer’s finely-tuned ear, Terra Incognita is an immersion into the queer experience of the environment and the potential of sound systems. For this debut MUTEK performance, Caro proposes a comprehensive journey through sounds both pure and transformed, one that simultaneously looks inward and outward.


Caro Wilson is a producer, DJ and radio host who lives and works on the unceded territories of British-Columbia’s Sinixt Nation.


Limbo Tapes


Lowlands (Limbo Tapes, 2021)


Caro hosts The Tea, a weekly show broadcasted on CJLY-FM, better known as Kootenay Co-op Radio, a community radio station based in Nelson, British Columbia.