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Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemateCA/US+US

Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate<sup>CA/US+US</sup>
Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemateCA/US+US
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08.25 | 22:00_03:30 Montréal time
Live A/V: 23:10_23:50 Montréal time

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian, interdisciplinary artist and sound designer. Thompson approaches sound as a mode of connection—embracing the kinesthetic agency of sound to compose abstract feats of spatialized audio recording and synthesis. Her work engages tactics of material minimalism to create site-specific installations that sculpt droning, maximalist experiences out of space and sound.

Matthew Edwards aka aesthetic.stalemate is a multidisciplinary artist who blends installation art, music production, film, performance and virtual reality. In 2010, he created a Portland performance venue and artist space called Xhurch, which remains a staple of the Portland underground. In 2014, he fell in love with virtual reality as a confluence of digital art and creative practices, which led him to co-found Portland Immersive Media Group, a collective of digital artists and game designers interested in exploring virtual reality as an experiential medium. Currently, he is an instructor in virtual and augmented reality at Portland Community College.

This year at MUTEK, the duo composed of Chloe Alexandra Thompson et Matthew Edwards (aesthetic.stalemate) will present Flux Emanation, an audiovisual work combining live field recordings, voices, immersive spatial design and intense sub-bass frequencies against a backdrop of transformative visual architecture. Through the repetition of sonic and visual elements, viewers will be enveloped in a compelling landscape of abstraction.


Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist and Cree sound designer. Matthew Edwards aka aesthetic.stalemate is a multidisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon.


SIGE Records
Sounds et al
Beacon Sound


They Can Never Burn the Stars (SIGE Records, 2022)
Moiré (2021)


Chloe Alexandra Thompson & aesthetic.stalemate's work builds on the Morié performance that made its Canadian debut at MUTEK Montréal in 2019.