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Photo credit : Iga Drobisz

Dauwd is an American artist raised in Wales and based in the UK. He has been exploring techno, house and ambient music for several years and has produced on renowned labels such as Ghostly International and Kompakt. His debut album, Theory of Colours, released on Ninja Tune's acclaimed Technicolour Records, brought him international recognition. After touring extensively as a DJ, headlining clubs in the UK and Europe, Dauwd has also conquered Berlin's nightlife and the African radio show Acid Is The Future.

Dauwd's releases have generated as much expectation as intrigue. Spending the last few years away from the spotlight and in his Berlin studio, his productions have continued to be a hit in the clubs, while his unique and singular process of experimentation has continued. A seasoned musical engineer, Dauwd draws inspiration from electronic music legends such as Terry Riley, Raymond Scott, and the seminal Radiophonic Workshop period of the late 50s and 60s. The producer and DJ's ability to balance such sprawling and varied genres is paradoxically an exercise in restraint in which he finds his creative freedom.

This year at MUTEK, Dauwd presents a new live show. With the show constantly evolving, the artist has many surprises in store for us this August. One thing is for sure, fans of his African Acid Is The Future and PSSSH labels can expect a similar sound live.


Dauwd is an American born, UK based producer. Last year he released his debut album, Theory of Colors, via Technicolour. His latest EPs combine techno, house, ambient and African diaspora sounds.


Dauwd's affection for eclectic genre blends, delays, and vintage synthesizers have allowed him to make a lasting mark on the industry by making his way through the onslaught of new music.