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dhrma & Yuki IshidaJP

dhrma & Yuki Ishida<sup>JP</sup>
dhrma & Yuki IshidaJP

dhrma is a beatmaker from Kakogawa, Hyogo, born in 1996. In his teens, he was deeply impressed by beat music, including J-Dilla and Madlib, who he encountered through Factory No. 079, a multi-brand store in his hometown of Kakogawa, and started making beats in 2015. He builds a singular sound by layering higher bass lines with chords that have a robotic feel. He has a vast amount of self-released works, and has contributed to Senninshou's album "Beat Meets World," and as a remixer for WONK's "GEMINI:Flip Courure #1." He has covered a lot of ground in live performances, co-performing with Ras G, House Shoes, STRNDRMS and James Tillman, among others.

Yuki Ishida is a visual artist born in 1996. Using realtime rendering as his basis for expression, he has made a wide range of visualizations for artists' live concert stages, music videos, video jockeys, installations and augmented reality. He is currently affiliated with BACKSPACE Productions Inc.